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Comparison of "Traditional Liposuction" and "True" Tumescent Liposuction Using Only Local Anesthesia

Comparisons Liposuction Using Systemic Anesthesia Tumescent Liposuction with Local Anesthesia
Return to Work 2 - 6 weeks 48-72 hours
Bruising 3 - 6 weeks 1-2 weeks
2 Mile Walk 2 - 3 weeks Next Day
Skin Sutures Usually None
Return Visit 1 - 3 Days 2 Weeks
IV Fluids and/or Sedation Usually Both None
Prescription Pain Medicines Always Unusual
Compression Garments 3 -8 weeks 3 - 14 days
Risk of General Anesthesia 1 : 1,000 - 5,000 None
Systemic Complications Risks About 1 : 250 - 1,000 Less than 1 : 100,000
Risk of Death 1 : 1,000-2,000 Less than 1: 400,000
Patient Walks Out of OR Alert Rarely, if ever Almost always
Driving 1- 2 weeks 1 - 2 days
Resume Normal Activity 2 - 6 weeks 2 - 5 days
Patient Awake in OR Rarely Almost always
Patient drinks fluids in OR Never At any time, if needed
Other Surgeries Performed Often Rarely
Multiple Liposuction Areas Often Often
Amount of fat removed Ave. 1000-1500cc Ave. 1500-3000cc
Scarring of Skin Incisions Infrequent Very Rare
Done by "Plastic Surgeons" Usually Rarely

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Information on liposuction in Lansing Michigan. Info on procedure, tumescent liposuction techniques, suction-assisted lipo, super-wet lipo, truths and facts, body sculpting and more.


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