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Our Cosmetic Surgery Center - Michigan

We are located in Okemos, Michigan, which is in the Lansing Area. Other towns within a 50-mile radius which we service include: East Lansing, Haslett, Williamston, St. John's, Grand Ledge, Mason, Charlotte, Brighton, Jackson, and Howell. Our 4400 square foot office is equipped with 3 exam rooms, a comfortable waiting/reception area, a secluded area for patient counseling and scheduling, aesthetic skin care room and a laser treatment room, a pre-operative and recovery room, office surgical suite and several staff rooms.

Okemos Michigan plastic surgery center

Our Staff

Our employees have been selected for their skill, compassion, good humor, and familiarity with the needs and concerns of our patients. Our office manager, is a specialist in insurance reimbursement, and has many years in cosmetic surgery patient relations. Our surgical technician, has experience in the health care and surgery fields. Darlene is our registered nurse with over 18 years of nursing and cosmetic surgery experience, joined Trillium in November of 2006. Our superb receptionist who greets patients on the phone and in the office. She also handles front desk responsibilities with a smile.

Mission Statement

Although mission statements are now de rigueur, too many of them are not taken seriously by their authors. Trillium has only one fundamental mission; to improve the quality of life of our patients (whether cosmetic or functional) skillfully and compassionately, and return them to their everyday lives somehow better for their contact with us. This is our only mission. We are dedicated to our patients, to their individual concerns and goals, and consider their trust in us to be both a profound responsibility and a rare privilege.

Philosophy of Care

Your body and your health belong to you. We are here to help when, and if, you need us. Each patient is unique, with a unique set of problems, needs, desires, concerns, emotions and history. Whenever possible, we will inform you of your options for treatment, and allow you to make informed choices for your care. We cannot, and will not, make unilateral decisions for you concerning your own body and how it is treated.

This is sometimes troubling to patients, and sounds passive, until they understand our fundamental philosophy of care. We do not wish to "fix something that is not broken", but we will make every possible effort to allow you to choose the avenue of medical or surgical treatment which is most likely to provide the improvement you seek, or which is indicated for your health or cosmetic desires.

When a concern is cosmetic, we will discuss the options for improvement and give appropriate price quotes.

Not every patient can, or will, benefit from our services. When this is the case, we will be exceedingly and respectfully frank, believing that sometimes no treatment is better than a treatment which will produce minimal results, and/or unwarranted expense and inconvenience. If your problem is outside our area of expertise, we will offer a referral to another expert physician who has earned our respect, and who has the skills which may help you. For some patients with certain conditions, "tincture of time" is a variable option.

We will always do our best to guide you and participate with you in deciding upon the treatment and/or surgical option which is best suited to your individual needs, your specific condition, your desires for improvement and your lifestyle.

Board certified plastic surgeon John Sampson is located in Lansing Michigan and serves the Detroit, Lansing and Jackson areas

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2211 Association Dr
Okemos, MI