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Breast Reduction - Lansing Michigan

Breast reduction in Lansing Michigan. Information on surgical techniques, surgery overview, preparation, recovery, risks and complications and more.

Could it be that the person who coined the phrase, "Too much of a good thing," had very large breasts? Perhaps not. But if you're a woman with oversized breasts, you certainly understand the sentiment.

But you can't really expect your loved ones to understand. They see you as you, the whole person they care about, and they may not even notice the size of your breasts. Your friends probably don't understand either. You may even have under-endowed friends who consider you lucky.

You don't need to fear that no one understands. Many insurance companies recognize the physical problems that accompany overly large breasts and cover breast reduction surgery in Michigan. And Dr. Sampson understands both the physical and psychological impact huge breasts can have on a woman's life. He knows you have put up with back and neck soreness, rashes, poor posture other health issues, and with hurtful comments, rude stares and other blows to your self esteem. He wants to help.

With Dr. Sampson's skill in breast reduction, Michigan women just do not need to pay the price of having huge breasts any longer. Make an appointment to meet with him today.

Surgery Overview

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, begins with an anchor-shaped incision from the around the areola straight down and around the crease of the breast. Dr. Sampson will remove breast tissue, fat, and skin, occasionally using liposuction for additional fat removal. He will relocate the nipple and areola, then reshape your breasts and close the incisions with sutures.

The surgery most often takes two to four hours and is performed under general anesthesia. You'll be very comfortable in our fully-accredited operating suite. It's a private, serene environment, staffed with trained professionals who are there to help ensure safety, comfort, and a great outcome.

Breast reduction is often combined with a breast lift for beautiful, lasting results.

Preparation and Recovery

When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Sampson, we'll make sure you have the information you'll need to prepare for breast reduction. We'll review your medical history thoroughly and we'll discuss medications, smoking, and other considerations. We'll ask you to arrange for someone to pick you up after surgery and stay with you for at least one day. And we'll suggest you get your home ready for your return with soft pillows on the bed and other comforts that will help you relax for a few days.

After your surgery is complete, you'll go home with an elastic bandage around your breasts or a surgical bra, and most likely you'll have drains in place for excess fluid. You'll be back for a check-up in a few days with Dr. Sampson and he'll remove drains and stitches. You'll want to wear the special bra for about a month.

Since Dr. Sampson will be removing tissue during your surgery, you can expect some discomfort while you heal. You'll have medication to ease your soreness which you'll find gradually subsides over several days (although a few patients experience occasional shooting pains for months). Most people feel ready to return to work and light activities in two weeks or less. You'll need to wait an additional few weeks more for strenuous activity and you should have only gentle contact with your breasts for about six weeks.

Risks and Complications

Breast reduction causes few Michigan patients to experience complications. One thing to consider, however, is that you will probably be unable to breast feed after surgery as many of your milk ducts will be removed. And in some cases, especially when women need their nipples and areolas detached and grafted into a new position, patients lose sensation in their nipples.

With breast reduction surgery, there's also the possibility you'll have uneven nipples and breasts that differ in size after your recovery period. When these differences occur, they're usually slight variations within normal, acceptable limits. Occasionally the variation is such that a surgical adjustment is required.

Other potential risks and complications are common to almost any type of surgery: excess swelling, blood loss, and infection. Dr. Sampson will spend plenty of time discussing these possibilities with you in consultation to make sure you feel fully informed and ready to move forward.

Most women who have breast reduction in Michigan with Dr. Sampson describe it as a life-changing experience. The potential impact is such that you'll need to be prepared to allow yourself and others time to get used to the new you. This period of adjustment is common; but an equally common reaction is for women to report feeling lighter than air and happier than ever as they rush out to buy a new wardrobe for their upper half. Either way, chances are very likely you will be extremely pleased with your new self.

Call one of our two offices at (800) 809-4320 or (517) 780-0080 and schedule an appointment today. You'll find our original office located on 4th Street in the quiet town of Jackson, near Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Lansing, Ann Arbor, and other Michigan communities. Our new office is on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, close to the communities of the greater Detroit area. Now, breast reduction in Michigan is more convenient than ever.


Breast reduction in Lansing Michigan. Information on surgical techniques, surgery overview, preparation, recovery, risks and complications and more.



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