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Breast Augmentation

Links to Additional Information about Breast Augmentation

The FDA has a booklet about breast implants that is free to anyone who requests it. The FDA consumer hotline is 1-888-463-6332. Be prepared to leave your name and address and request a copy of the booklet regarding breast implantation.

FDA site: (There is a discussion of complications and some pictures. Written in 2000, sub-fascial placement is not featured)

(Many before & after photos. Among the most experienced breast surgeons in North America, his practice is limited to breast augmentation exclusively. This surgeon uses axillary (underarm) incisions & sub-fascial implant positioning. Be aware: The average implant size in this practice is ~ 450 cc. The patients request these sizes, and are predominantly from Texas and Oklahoma)

Enter "breast augmentation" or "breast implants" into any search engine. Thousands of sites are available, many with numerous photos.

Linda Angell, M.D. wrote an exhaustive review article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 334, pp. 1513-1518, #23. An exhaustive review in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the entire history of breast implantation and the silicone implant litigation. (This is long, complicated, and only for the very interested)

National Cancer Institute: (This gives the "Gail Model" of breast cancer risk, with "5 year adjusted risk" and "lifetime risk." These risk factors and their estimation are completely independent of breast augmentation issues, and apply to all women, including those that have breast augmentation.)

Before and after pictures are available in many magazine articles, in books, and on web sites. (Reference breast implants or breast augmentation) These sites are too numerous to mention. One is above. Please remember, the "after results" depend upon many variables, including original patient anatomy, surgeon skill and technique, implant type and size, and placement of implant. Since fewer than 10% of breast surgeons use the underarm incision, and fewer still place the implant in a sub-facial position, the vast majority of the before & after pictures which you may see do not show the results of exactly the technique that we will use at Trillium. Regardless, most of the pictures can give you an idea of the possible improvements with breast implantation.

When choosing a surgeon and a practice, first find someone who will take the time with you, who will give you all the information possible, who is more concerned with you than with himself/herself, who is honest about realistic expectations and possible complications, and who will work with you as an individual. The goal is a safe, attractive, cosmetically pleasing result which will last as long as possible without complications.

Learn More About Breast Enlargement:


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